Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four @ The Brunton Video contribution: Blackeyed Theatre Based on the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Writer & Director: Nick Lane Missing jewels, murder, romance and a chap with a wooden leg. If it wasn’t Sherlock Holmes, it would have to be something equally as impossible. Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four has our residents of Baker Street … Continue reading Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four @ The Brunton

Locker Room Talk @ Traverse Theatre

Writer: Gary McNair Director: Orla O’Loughlin Post Show facilitator: Dr Holly Davis There are few things more powerful than a word, spoken or otherwise. The championed word shouted on the streets and in the press can have the widest impact both for resistance and oppression. The most dangerous word is the one they didn’t want … Continue reading Locker Room Talk @ Traverse Theatre

Paper Memories @ North Edinburgh Arts

Image contribution:Beth Chalmers Director: Rachael Macintyre Writer: Mariem Omari Imagine in ten minutes time, you're fleeing home. You can only take four objects. Whilst tempted by the glitz or price tags, many would pick items instilled with fragile memories.  In Jabuti Theatre's Paper Memories, Tali and her family find themselves relocating to Scotland from an undisclosed location. … Continue reading Paper Memories @ North Edinburgh Arts

The Tailor of Inverness @ The Brunton

Image Contribution:Dogstar Theatre Writer: Matthew Zajac Director: Ben Harrison War and all of its travesties will never be understood. From the British perspective – we were the heroes, they the villains. When presented with people quite literally in the bootstraps of the opposition many are unable to connect. The stories told by people leaving the … Continue reading The Tailor of Inverness @ The Brunton

Silvano: Scottish Opera @ Usher Hall

Image Contribution:Paul Foster - Williams Composer: Pietro Mascagni Musical Director: Stuart Stratford Adapted from Alphonse Karr’s novel, Pietro Mascagni composed Silvano as a two-act opera in 1895. The seafaring drama is, well, precisely that. At its core is a love-triangle, and we all know how those end. Set against a fishing town on the Adriatic coast, young … Continue reading Silvano: Scottish Opera @ Usher Hall