Amélie The Musical – King’s Theatre, Edinburgh

Book: Craig Lucas Music: Danie Messé Lyrics: Nathan Tysen & Daniel Messé The awkward daughter of a neurotic and a germophobe (we’ve all been there), Amélie is as socially fragile as she is dedicated to helping others. In the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death, Amélie has a revelation – to help flicker the light of the world … Continue reading Amélie The Musical – King’s Theatre, Edinburgh

Women in Parliament – Lauriston Hall

Original Play - Aristophanes New Translation by Andrew Wilson Stage Director and Design by Michael Scott Tickets available for June 27th and 28th from Usher Hall at: In translating, an impressive feat, to begin with, Andrew Wilson does an exceptional job in capturing the original structure, satire and levity of Aristophanes Ecclesiazusae or Women … Continue reading Women in Parliament – Lauriston Hall

Downs With Love – Assembly Roxy

Written by Suzanne Loftus Photo Credit to Alan Peebles Downs With Love is a frank, open conversation about the way we look at the capabilities, emotions and safeguarding of those with Down’s Syndrome; specifically, in the contexts of relationships. Abi Brydon plays a young woman named Beth. Beth is vivacious, independent and has intense happiness for life most of … Continue reading Downs With Love – Assembly Roxy

Darien – The Byre Theatre

Script and Lyrics by Richard Robb Composition by Craig McNichol New Edinburgh. It was meant to be a crowning achievement, cementing the Kingdom of Scotland as a power of trade and influence. It would instead prove to be a colossal failure. The Darien Scheme was an attempt in colonising the Gulf of Darien between Panama and Columbia in the … Continue reading Darien – The Byre Theatre

Horrible Histories: Terrible Tudors & Awful Egyptians – King’s Theatre

Based on the books by Terry Deary Writers: Terry Deary & Neal Foster Director: Neal Foster For 25 years the books of Horrible Histories have been delighting, disgusting and in some cases frightening the young (and old) of the nation. A tremendously valuable tool, they captured an imaginative way to make history and culture accessible for people … Continue reading Horrible Histories: Terrible Tudors & Awful Egyptians – King’s Theatre