Monstrus Circus

Directed by Jordan Inconstant France / 2019 / 29 mins What makes a monster, and what makes the man? This is an ancient artistic trope which finds itself in a variety of art, literature and media, perhaps nowhere quite like the circus. Winner of five Gold Movie Awards, Monstrus Circus takes this trope and brings it to the Highlands … Continue reading Monstrus Circus

Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love Directed by Nick Broomfield USA/ 2019/ 102 mins Calliope, Dora Maar, Patti Smith, Gala Dalí and yes, Rhianna all share one thing in common. To one person or a number, they are Muses; inspirational figures who evoke artistic passion into (largely male) writers, painters, sculptors and astronomers. Nick Broomfield’s documentary Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love superficially excavates a 50-year relationship between … Continue reading Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love

Late Night – Edinburgh Filmhouse Directed by Nisha Ganatara Written by Mindy Kaling USA/2019/102mins There’s an issue with American media (in the movie, far too many in real life). One of the highest-rated talk shows ain’t down with the kids. Viral-free, Tweet-free and with a revulsion of shameless reality star guests, Late Night finds national treasure, Emma Thompson, playing Katherine Newbury. With … Continue reading Late Night – Edinburgh Filmhouse

Scottish Opera: Rigoletto – Festival Theatre Composer: Giuseppe Verdi  Librettist: Francesco Maria Piave Director: Matthew Richardson Conductor: Rumon Gamba Seduction, tangled with an overbearing father all play a part in the turmoil of Rigoletto, the hunchbacked jester. The 1851 libretto opera has been revived by the Scottish Opera following Matthew Richardson’s 2011 production. Now, fully escaping its historical censorship, Rigoletto can serve to … Continue reading Scottish Opera: Rigoletto – Festival Theatre

Casanova – Festival Theatre Choreographer: Kenneth Tindall Original Scenario: Kenneth Tindall & Ian Kelly Decadence and debauchery: terms that readily come to mind when thoughts turn to Giacomo Casanova. For many, this image is synonymous with adultery, womanising and sexual deviance. Instead, Kenneth Tindall’s adaptation for the Northern Ballet company’s production of Casanova offers a look at the passion, pain … Continue reading Casanova – Festival Theatre