Bare E-ssentials 3: with a Vengeance – Encompass Productions Produced by Liam Fleming, Rachael Owens & Jonathon Woodhouse ★★★★ Who says the sequels are never as good as the original? Back with a vengeance, Bare Essentials, one of London’s leading new creative writing evenings returns for their monthly reminder of the talent out there in the world. The now award evening 17th edition (third … Continue reading Bare E-ssentials 3: with a Vengeance – Encompass Productions

Jury Duty – Electric Dreams Online

Created by Joe Ball and Tom Black ★★★★★ As ‘fake news’ sweeps the globe, a triumphantly manipulative tool prioritised by ad-agencies, social media and (distressingly) politicians, more and more the dangers of this digital age manipulation grow. Toying with this concept, highlighting its intrusions in more than the public sphere, into the private, political, and … Continue reading Jury Duty – Electric Dreams Online

Selah and the Spades – Amazon Prime Written & Directed by Tayarisha Poe USA/ 2019/ 97 mins ★★ Whether you’re a prefect, a drama bobby, or a ‘skin’, everyone struggles to find a place at school and, if cinema is to be believed, especially in America. Set against the soft, rolling green mounds of a Pennsylvania boarding school, Selah and the Spades attempts … Continue reading Selah and the Spades – Amazon Prime

My Darling Christopher – Homemakers, HOME

Writers: Jo Sargeant and Clare-Louise English Director:  Clare-Louise English ★★★ Determined to stretch its capabilities in storytelling during lockdown the Homemakers Project is a series of new commissions. A showcase of diverse talents, ranging from straight dramatic performances to voice-overs, mime artistry and digital editing and deaf dramaturge, My Darling Christopher is a compact film featuring hopeful … Continue reading My Darling Christopher – Homemakers, HOME

Faust – Royal Opera House Libretto by Jules Barbier and Michel Carré Score by Charles Gounod ★★★★ Navigating the human condition, to the eventual judgements of heaven’s light and hell’s fire, Faust holds no prisoners in its sumptuously decadent retelling of the infamous man who sold his soul for wealth, power, and vitally in this iteration, a woman. The Royal Opera … Continue reading Faust – Royal Opera House