Digital Caravan Theatre – Small Truth Theatre

Written by Emma Dennis-Edwards, Abi Zakarian and Jessica Butcher Directed by Yasmeen Arden  ★★★★ Rolling up to deliver big heart, Small Time Theatre presents their micro plays as a part of their Digital Caravan Theatre. A series of audio plays, ranging in emotions, inspirations and method all tell unique experiences and thought processes which share one … Continue reading Digital Caravan Theatre – Small Truth Theatre

Scottish People Can’t Rap?! – Preview

Sounds ridiculous, right? Scottish people, rapping. No, seriously. And not only is it accurate, but Scottish hip-hop is an exceptionally underestimated blending of nuanced storytelling, cultural portals and progression of lyric, rhythm and rhyme – and now, with the arts embracing the digital medium, Scottish People Can't Rap?! takes things to a new, virtual level. To change … Continue reading Scottish People Can’t Rap?! – Preview

Marlowe’s Ghost: Tales from the Golen Age

Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter Adapted from The Dead Shepherd by Robert Pope and Ian Dixon Potter ★★★ Thus far, largely comprising a focus of the present and future, Ian Dixon Potter’s Tales From The Golden Age looks at the impacts of fascism, resentment and bigotry. Now harkening into the past to contemplate the mysteries surrounding William … Continue reading Marlowe’s Ghost: Tales from the Golen Age

Romantics Anonymous – Live Broadcast Fresh out of the gate and championing a return of Live Theatre (from the comfort of home), Emma Rice’s Wise Children will perform the critically acclaimed Romantics Anonymous live from the Bristol Old Vic. Together with Plush theatricals, Rice’s adaptation brings together lyrics from Christopher Dimond and music by Michael Kooman in a ‘digital touring’ … Continue reading Romantics Anonymous – Live Broadcast

The Plague Thing – The Space (online)

Written by Marcia Kelson ★★★★ Lamenting her lost time in quarantine, Enid spends her days in the pleasant company of the nurses and other care home residents but principally with herself. Lockdown has caused the isolation of so many across the globe, drawing attention to the ill effects which can potentially last longer than any … Continue reading The Plague Thing – The Space (online)