Here Are The Young Men – Review Directed by Eion Macken Ireland USA/ 2020/96 mins ★★ Unable to separate itself from the distinctly obvious inspirations of Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting, Here Are The Young Men lowers the age of the principal cast and centres on three lads finishing school and emerging into the cruel and waiting world. The transgression of youth is a staple of cinematic … Continue reading Here Are The Young Men – Review

The Sorrows of Satan – Brocket Hall

Book and Lyrics by Michael Conley Music by Luke Bateman Directed by Adam Lenson ★★★★ Callous, cunning, and controversial – Satan is equally loved as a literary obstacle as he is a theological adversary. And if the devil hasn’t been the inspiration for a tale of warning, his involvement with the infamous Faust, the quintessential … Continue reading The Sorrows of Satan – Brocket Hall

Tarantula – Southwark Playhouse Written by Philip Ridley Director: Wiebke Green ★★ In the delicate and rare sun of East London, Toni experiences her first kiss. And despite her upbringing and background, happiness flows through her and young love blossoms. But someone has their eye on Toni, and they’re not exactly pleased with how well things are unfolding. … Continue reading Tarantula – Southwark Playhouse

Tennis Elbow – Pitlochry Festival Theatre & The Royal Lyceum

Written by John Byrne Directed by Elizabeth Newman ★★★ A linguistical legend within his own right, it’s been a fair few years since the Scottish writer John Byrne has produced a play. In 1977, the debut production of Writer’s Cramp catapulted Byrne into the hall of Scottish cultural nobility. From pen to palette, Tennis Elbow reverses the gender focus … Continue reading Tennis Elbow – Pitlochry Festival Theatre & The Royal Lyceum