Adventures with the Painted People – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Written by David Greig Directed by Elizabeth Newman ★★★★ ‘Biodh gaol agad orm, tha gaol agam ort’. It’s how all the best love stories go, isn’t it? A connection forged through differences and gradual discovery. That and awakening tied within the House of the Dead. Previously David Greig’s acclaimed audio production Adventures with the Painted People compelled … Continue reading Adventures with the Painted People – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

JUDAS – The Living Record/Brighton Fringe

Written and Created by BeeJay Aubertin-Clinton ★★★★ He’s just hit the subscriber count of his dreams, and like all YouTubers, any milestone comes with temptation and reward for viewers; the greatest story ever told from the other side of the table as Juda Iscariot, the ultimate betrayer spills the tea on their version of events … Continue reading JUDAS – The Living Record/Brighton Fringe

Aaron and Julia – The Space

Written by Oliver Myers Directed by Amelia Hursey ★★ For a time, the Welsh town of Caerleon – or Isca as it was previously known, was on the lips of countless Roman-Britons as a vitally significant military fortress. Now a scenic, charming area of the nation, the history has never been truly erased, but it … Continue reading Aaron and Julia – The Space

Romeo & Juliet – Creation Theatre/Watford Palace Theatre

Written by William Shakespeare Adapted and Directed by Natasha Rickman ★★★ Reinvention maintains the dignity and commercial viability of countless age-old tales, perhaps none more so than the works of William Shakespeare. After numerous retellings, adaptations, castings, and rejuvenation, it’s tremendously complex to reinvigorate the bard’s world beyond his original brilliance. Not for Creation Theatre, … Continue reading Romeo & Juliet – Creation Theatre/Watford Palace Theatre

Talawa Stories: Pretty Little Thing – BBC Radio 4

Written by Roberta Livingston Directed by Anastasia Osei-Kuffour ★★★★ What’s a thief’s worst nightmare? Dogs, police, alarms, Macaulay Culkin? Or is it running into another thief whilst in the middle of a break-in? Willow and Nicole find themselves in the garden of No. 92, both with quite different intentions for this evening’s activities. They decide … Continue reading Talawa Stories: Pretty Little Thing – BBC Radio 4