P.S Burn This Letter Please – BFI Flare

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqGRrAjYgq4&ab_channel=queerscreen Written & Directed by Michael Seligman & Jennifer Tiexiera USA/2020/101mins ★★★★ For over sixty years, a trove of the history, culture and experiences of female impersonators and their surrounding friends and allies sat undisturbed, forgotten and biding its time - then in 2014, hundreds of letters saw the light of day once more. A … Continue reading P.S Burn This Letter Please – BFI Flare

I Am Samuel – BFI London Film Festival

Written by Ricardo Acosta & Peter Murimi Directed by Peter Murimi Kenya/2020/70mins ★★★ While identifying as gay isn’t strictly illegal in Kenya, the act of engaging in a relationship with someone of the same gender or sex is. An openly honest account of a young gay man’s struggles with receiving the equality he deserves, I Am … Continue reading I Am Samuel – BFI London Film Festival

Herself – London Film Festival

https://youtu.be/O9kfZkx9lfY Written by Clare Dunne Directed by Phillipa Lloyd ★★★ From the insipid musical diabetes which is Mamma Mia! To the politically ambiguous The Iron Lady, film and theatre director Phyllida Lloyd is nothing if not versatile. Seeking to avoid the large scale filmmaking ventures of the past, Lloyd’s release of Herself entrusts itself to the daily exhaustion women, and … Continue reading Herself – London Film Festival