The County – Review Directed & Written by Grímur Hákonarson Iceland/2019/91mins ★★★★ There’s no question about the economic abuse farmers, particularly dairy, suffer from monopolistic business practises and superstores with market control. Already a colossal issue in the economies of the United States and western Europe, for smaller nations with significantly lower populations the starving tactics employed against … Continue reading The County – Review

The Sorrows of Satan – Brocket Hall

Book and Lyrics by Michael Conley Music by Luke Bateman Directed by Adam Lenson ★★★★ Callous, cunning, and controversial – Satan is equally loved as a literary obstacle as he is a theological adversary. And if the devil hasn’t been the inspiration for a tale of warning, his involvement with the infamous Faust, the quintessential … Continue reading The Sorrows of Satan – Brocket Hall

Tennis Elbow – Pitlochry Festival Theatre & The Royal Lyceum

Written by John Byrne Directed by Elizabeth Newman ★★★ A linguistical legend within his own right, it’s been a fair few years since the Scottish writer John Byrne has produced a play. In 1977, the debut production of Writer’s Cramp catapulted Byrne into the hall of Scottish cultural nobility. From pen to palette, Tennis Elbow reverses the gender focus … Continue reading Tennis Elbow – Pitlochry Festival Theatre & The Royal Lyceum

Gash Theatre Gets Ghosts – Camden People’s Theatre Created by Maddie Flint and Nathalie Ellis-Einhorn ★★★ In 2017 Merriam-Webster and the Oxford Dictionary updated the term ‘ghosting’ beyond the previous association with static television. The act of silencing communications with a personal relationship, to ghost someone, has become synonymous with quick hook-ups and avoidance of social responsibilities. But there’s something more meticulously … Continue reading Gash Theatre Gets Ghosts – Camden People’s Theatre

Willy’s Wonderland – Review Directed by Kevin Lewis Screenplay by G.O. Parsons  USA/ 2021/ 88 mins ★★ Anyone who has spent more than five minutes perusing the labyrinth of YouTube will likely have come across a peculiar franchise. A name whispered in internet forums with dedicated theorists, fanatical fans, and a deep, twisted, and confusing lore. Five Nights At … Continue reading Willy’s Wonderland – Review