Uncorked – Netflix

https://youtu.be/s0sZtjE2MXg Written & Directed by Prentice Penny USA/2020/104 minutes On the subject of wine, The United States not only seems intent on procuring a namesake for their product, but American cinema too has a steadily dripping reserve of films where vineyards sit as a central theme. For every Bottle Shock or Sideways, which take a predominately middle-class approach, there … Continue reading Uncorked – Netflix

25 Live: The Big Birthday Show – The Festival Theatre

Image contribution: Greg Macvean Directed by Cat Sheridan For 25 Live: The Big Birthday Show, this isn’t about the comings and goings of glitzy statement productions, this is about community. The community which has been with the Theatre, and its predecessor the Empire Theatre for 25 years and more. For as much as this may … Continue reading 25 Live: The Big Birthday Show – The Festival Theatre