Purple Sea – Document Film Festival

Directed by Amel Alzakout Germany / 2020 / 67 mins ★★★★ Of the 300 passengers seeking salvation aboard a smuggler’s dinghy, at least forty-two perished, and director Amel Alzakout thought she would be one of them. She expected to die. Mercifully, most of us will never experience what Purple Sea documents. We will never find ourselves at … Continue reading Purple Sea – Document Film Festival

No Data Plan – Document Film Festival

https://youtu.be/7OmtEff1E5o Directed by Miko Revereza  USA / 2019 / 70 mins ★★★ Illegally crossing the border into America isn’t the end of the trials migrants face when desperately seeking a safer, more stable way of life. For Miko Revereza, twenty years after first arriving in the States, travelling anywhere comes with added risk. In making … Continue reading No Data Plan – Document Film Festival

Strike or Die – Document Film Festival

Written & Directed by Jonathan Rescigno ★★★ Through the silence, memory wails its loudest song. A sleeping city, slowly engulfed by an almost cognitive fog, rolling its way across the high-rises and sinking deep into the earth. The usual perverse light of streetlamps, neon signs and cars are all but choked out by the creeping … Continue reading Strike or Die – Document Film Festival

iHuman – Review

https://youtu.be/0qX49Lqo12c Directed by Tonje Hessen Schei 2019/Norway/99mins ★★★★ The face of war has changed. And while the atrocities of it resonate on the battlefields, towns and homes of many – war has taken a digital stance, warping public perception and influencing the states of economy, unions and elections. Brexit, Trump, and many of those delightful … Continue reading iHuman – Review

I Am Samuel – BFI London Film Festival

Written by Ricardo Acosta & Peter Murimi Directed by Peter Murimi Kenya/2020/70mins ★★★ While identifying as gay isn’t strictly illegal in Kenya, the act of engaging in a relationship with someone of the same gender or sex is. An openly honest account of a young gay man’s struggles with receiving the equality he deserves, I Am … Continue reading I Am Samuel – BFI London Film Festival