Crisis – Review Written & Directed by Nicholas Jarecki Canada, Belgium/ 2021/ 118 mins ★★★ The shrapnel of drug abuse and the institutional capitalism surrounding pharmaceuticals has a far-reaching and profoundly dangerous reach. Loosely teasing the strings of genuine incidents with a fictional “non-addictive” painkiller, Nicholas Jarecki‘s Crisis ticks the boxes of respectable casting in Gary Oldman and Evangeline Lily and comes with an … Continue reading Crisis – Review

Love Affair(s) – French Film Festival Written & Directed by Emmanuel Mouret France / 2020 / 122 mins ★★★★ Indiscreet stories make the most appealing tales, the stories we aren’t supposed to know, the Love Affair(s) which people want to keep secret. For aspiring novelist Maxime, he figures the best instigator for a successful novel is the mother of inspiration – heartbreak. … Continue reading Love Affair(s) – French Film Festival

The Picture of Dorian Gray – Barn Theatre

Written by Henry Filloux-Bennett  Directed by Tamara Harvey ★★★★★ Influencer. Just what the hell does that even mean? A social shaman of trends, a digital messiah, or a hollow figurehead on which we cast our self-doubts and desires? By no means a new title, merely now with more lucrative advertising deals, it is (despite lampooning) … Continue reading The Picture of Dorian Gray – Barn Theatre

The House of Cenci – Parabolic Theatre

Created by Chloe Mashiter, Zoe Flint, Amy Strike and Owen Kingston ★★★★★ An abandoned manor home, vast and glorious even in its shadowed state, but something other than spectres lurk the hallways. The cold tendrils of science-fiction work their way into the superlative marble of historical drama, marrying the tragedy of the past with the … Continue reading The House of Cenci – Parabolic Theatre

Late Night Staring at High-Red Pixels – Finborough Theatre

Written by Athena Stevens Directed by Lily McLeish ★★★★ Hands up if you’ve ever sent a nude photo. Careless fun, intimate and a solidifying sign of trust in our partners or potential lovers. But what happens when someone violates consent and shows this photo to their best-friend – harmless fun, right? When A is shown … Continue reading Late Night Staring at High-Red Pixels – Finborough Theatre