Sleep – Fantasia Film Festival Written by Thomas Friedrich & Michael Venus  Directed by Michael Venus Germany/ 2019/ 102 mins ★★★★ The answers in Sleep seemingly lie in a peculiar hotel, cast deep into the woodlands of a remote village. The residents have checked-out, and the staff are as unhinged as the dreams which haunt Mona’s (Gro Swantje Kohlhof) nights, following her … Continue reading Sleep – Fantasia Film Festival

My Punch-Drunk Boxer – Fantasia Film Festival Directed by Hyuk Ki Jung South Korea/ 2019/ 114 mins ★★★★ Aphrase we’ve all heard and potentially used ourselves, Punch Drunk is the more common term for the medical condition Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a neurodegenerative disease which causes irreparable damage, often as the result of repeated head trauma: a grave concern for boxers. Allowing … Continue reading My Punch-Drunk Boxer – Fantasia Film Festival

Jesters: The Game Changers – Fantasia Film Festival Written & Directed by Joo-Ho Kim South Korea/ 2019/ 108 mins ★★★★★ Censorship, propaganda, and disinformation are the unchanging tools of dictators, bureaucrats, and corrupt officials. To maintain his image after usurping the throne, King Sejo seeks to employ Jesters, Korean storytellers, to manipulate public perception into seeing him as a kind, merciful man … Continue reading Jesters: The Game Changers – Fantasia Film Festival

Cosmic Candy – Fantasia Festival 2020 Written & Directed by Rinio Dragasaki ★★★ For Anna, there is one constant in her life – the titular Cosmic Candy, a popping candy confectionery which offers a calming relief. Her neighbours are boorish and her colleagues mindless, but the crux of her issues finds Anna stuck in an endless, dreamy loop where she holds … Continue reading Cosmic Candy – Fantasia Festival 2020

Monster Seafood Wars – Fantasia Film Festival Written & Directed by Minoru Kawasaki Japan/ 2020/ 84 mins ★★ Attempting to imitate the infamous Kaiju genre, known for giving the world Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra, Monster Seafood Wars leaps out of the gate with ridiculous strides, a ludicrous script, and lashings of exuberant Japanese enthusiasm. In part a mockumentary, Monster Seafood Wars frames itself with a news crew interviewing a survivor and … Continue reading Monster Seafood Wars – Fantasia Film Festival