Distance Remaining – Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival

Written by Stewart Melton Directed By Caitlin Skinner ★★★ A woman living in the past, another desperate to break away from her present and a young man unsure of his future; Stewart Melton and Caitlin Skinner’s Distance Remaining follows the journeys of these three people as their tribulations and experiences test them in their endeavours to secure … Continue reading Distance Remaining – Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival

Scenes From An Empty Church – Review

https://youtu.be/GQb-5KLm5hU Written & Directed by Onur Tukel 2021/ USA/ 98 mins ★★★ In Spring of 2020, at the height of the initial lockdowns, were images that will find a place throughout history books: the streets of London, Hong Kong, Venice and even New York abandoned and silent – concrete metropolises silenced for the first time … Continue reading Scenes From An Empty Church – Review

The Birthday Cake – Review

https://youtu.be/UIbofWPedS0 Directed by Jimmy Giannopoulos Written by Jimmy Giannopolous, Diomedes Raul Bermudez & Shiloh Fernandez USA/ 2021/ 93 mins ★★ amily is everything to the Mob. It’s the age-old rule of what not to touch – and precisely where to hurt someone the most. A gangster flick concealing an attempted family drama, director Jimmy Giannopoulo … Continue reading The Birthday Cake – Review

Finding Ophelia – Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwQ_Bd2l7aY Written & Directed by Stephen Rutterford USA/2021/73mins ★★★★ How often do we sacrifice too much of ourselves in chasing a dream? An ideal form or figure, a person or concept. And how much is too much to give in pursuit of this? And what could be worse than losing your grasp of reality chasing … Continue reading Finding Ophelia – Review

A Perfect Enemy – Review

https://youtu.be/m4ojQ3RT3Sk Directed by Kike Maíllo Written by Cristina Clemente & Kike Maíllo Spain,Germany,France/2020/89mins ★★★★ Chaos and order; love and obsession. There are paradigms which belong together. In the case of architect Jeremiasz Angust, everything comes with a reason and design, until a young twenty-something year old girl crashes into his life. Approached on his way … Continue reading A Perfect Enemy – Review