A War of Two Halves – Tynecastle Stadium

Written by Paul Beeson & Tim Barrow Directed by Bruce Strachan Musical Direction by Matthew Brown Runs at Tynecaslte Stadium from August 11th - 26th, Various Times Marking the centenary of the 1918 Armistice, drawing influence from the 1914 Hearts Team (The Bravest Team), A War of Two Halves is promenade theatre from writers Paul … Continue reading A War of Two Halves – Tynecastle Stadium

Diego Maradona – Edinburgh Filmhouse

https://youtu.be/JNaRrDX8MUc Directed by Asif Kapadia Edited by Chris King United Kingdom/ 2019/ 130 minutes British director Asif Kapadia refers to Diego Maradona as his third part of an unofficial documentary series of child geniuses and prodigies. The formers being the 2010 Senna, looking at the life and death of Brazilian racer Ayrton Senna. The second, Academy award-winning Amy centres itself on the … Continue reading Diego Maradona – Edinburgh Filmhouse

Freedom Fields – The Filmhouse

https://youtu.be/IluBajdL9iY Writer, Director and Cinematography by Naziha Arebi Libya/UK Run Time: 97 Mins The beautiful game. For oh so many of us, it’s a lifelong love. A trip to the pub with some friends, or maybe even a casual end of evening catch-up. Even for non-fans, it’s extensive reach makes us all fans for global … Continue reading Freedom Fields – The Filmhouse

The Red Lion @ The Brunton, Musselburgh

Image contribution:Richard Campbell Writer by Patrick Marber Director by Michael Emans The Red Lion is an examination of three generations of men devoted to their football club. Jordan's abilities as a football player draw the eye of manager Kidd and mentor Yates. Both take an interest in the boy – one for personal gain, and the … Continue reading The Red Lion @ The Brunton, Musselburgh