Talking Gods: Persephone – Arrows & Traps

Written & Directed by Ross McGregor ★★★★ Over the millennia, the Grecian pantheon of immortals, gods and goddesses has been the basis for literature, culture, cinema, and other belief systems. The building blocks for many storytelling foundations – the heroic tales of Heracles, the beauty of Helen of Troy or the punishments of Tartarus are … Continue reading Talking Gods: Persephone – Arrows & Traps

15 Heroines: The Desert – The Jermyn Street Theatre

Written by April De Angelis, Stella Duffy, Isley Lynn, Chinonyerem Odimba and Lorna French Directed by Adjoa Andoh, Tom Littler, and Cat Robey ★★★★ Completing the trifecta of a grander project, 15 Heroines, The Jermyn Street Theatre’s revived performance of Roman poet Ovid’s The Heroides collects fifteen letters and explores the spurned and thwarted lives of women and … Continue reading 15 Heroines: The Desert – The Jermyn Street Theatre

Daphne, or Hellfire

Writer: Isla Cowan Director: Avigail Tlalim Some might find familiarity in the tale of Apollo & Daphne, at the very least, a spark of recognition could occur with the idea of a young woman, a nymph, surrendering her flesh into bark, transforming into a tree to avoid Apollo’s amorous assault. Daphne, Or Hellfire is a new script … Continue reading Daphne, or Hellfire