Marlowe’s Ghost: Tales from the Golen Age

Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter Adapted from The Dead Shepherd by Robert Pope and Ian Dixon Potter ★★★ Thus far, largely comprising a focus of the present and future, Ian Dixon Potter’s Tales From The Golden Age looks at the impacts of fascism, resentment and bigotry. Now harkening into the past to contemplate the mysteries surrounding William … Continue reading Marlowe’s Ghost: Tales from the Golen Age

Anthony & Cleopatra – National Theatre At Home Adapted from the works of William Shakespeare Directed by Simon Godwin ★★★★ As part of their continuing ‘At Home’ series, providing theatre to the masses, The National Theatre serves disturbing illusions of love and war, set against the surging dynasty of Octavian Caesar. This surface of grand ideas, complex yet gorgeous lyrical language conceals … Continue reading Anthony & Cleopatra – National Theatre At Home

SIX – Festival Theatre

Written by Toby Marlow & Lucy Moss Directed by Lucy Moss & Jamie Armitage History is widely written by men; no wonder we didn't pay attention in school. Unless you have had the misfortune of a beheading or being pushed into a nunnery by your gout-suffering brut of a husband, Six is the concert musical sensation which … Continue reading SIX – Festival Theatre

The Belle’s Stratagem – The Royal Lyceum

Written by Hannah Cowley Adaptated and directed by Tony Cowie Originally conceived in the late seventeen hundreds, Hannah Cowley’s The Belle Stratagem is a sublime comedy of manners. Taking every pre- and ill-conceived notion one may have about a woman and giving it a good slap across the chops. Adapted for the Royal Lyceum we are no … Continue reading The Belle’s Stratagem – The Royal Lyceum

Black Men Walking – Traverse Theatre Writer: Testament Director: Dawn Walton Every breath of the landscape in this country echoes the lives of thousands across history. Beneath the soil, the lives of the rich, poor, women, men, Romans and black men and women lay forgotten to but a few. On the first Saturday, of every month, Matthew, Richard and Thomas … Continue reading Black Men Walking – Traverse Theatre