Adventures with the Painted People – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Written by David Greig Directed by Elizabeth Newman ★★★★ ‘Biodh gaol agad orm, tha gaol agam ort’. It’s how all the best love stories go, isn’t it? A connection forged through differences and gradual discovery. That and awakening tied within the House of the Dead. Previously David Greig’s acclaimed audio production Adventures with the Painted People compelled … Continue reading Adventures with the Painted People – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Aaron and Julia – The Space

Written by Oliver Myers Directed by Amelia Hursey ★★ For a time, the Welsh town of Caerleon – or Isca as it was previously known, was on the lips of countless Roman-Britons as a vitally significant military fortress. Now a scenic, charming area of the nation, the history has never been truly erased, but it … Continue reading Aaron and Julia – The Space

Ghosts – National Theatre Scotland Written & Directed by Adura Onashile ★★★★ Surrounding the Merchant City, a construct name for an area of Glasgow, once Scotland’s centre of economics and culture, are the skeletons of its cruel and absent-minded past. A city constructed on the foundations of slavery, these frames are not the bones of the nameless men, women and … Continue reading Ghosts – National Theatre Scotland

A Splinter of Ice – Original Theatre Company

Written by Ben Brown Directed by Alastair Whatley ★★★★ Allegiance is a peculiar concept, an unfaltering loyalty to something other than us: to countries, to politics and most complexly to friendships. It has a staining presence, particularly in its absence or repentance, and to ‘switch sides’ or betray your supposed allegiance is a branding mark … Continue reading A Splinter of Ice – Original Theatre Company

Marlowe’s Ghost: Tales from the Golen Age

Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter Adapted from The Dead Shepherd by Robert Pope and Ian Dixon Potter ★★★ Thus far, largely comprising a focus of the present and future, Ian Dixon Potter’s Tales From The Golden Age looks at the impacts of fascism, resentment and bigotry. Now harkening into the past to contemplate the mysteries surrounding William … Continue reading Marlowe’s Ghost: Tales from the Golen Age