A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio – Review

https://youtu.be/ZrOPGjtlhsk Written by Mauro Coche & Guillermo Lockhart ★★★ On this dark, dark night stews a dark, dark idea – and inside this idea sits a bag of bone and sinew, stringing together a consortium of the macabre, hideous and creative stories shared over the neon caked lights of a radio shack glow. A Night of … Continue reading A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio – Review

Ropes (Cordes) – Digital Release

https://youtu.be/cQYd16DxOlc Directed by José Luis Montesinos Written by José Luis Montesinos & Yako Blesa Spain/2019/87mins ★★★ Service animals have transformed the independence of countless people across history, enabling autonomy of those living with life-altering circumstances. Elena, a young woman, paralyzed from the neck down, save for minimal movement in her right arm, struggles with accepting … Continue reading Ropes (Cordes) – Digital Release

Dog Soldiers – Remastered Review

https://youtu.be/PQ6nNs0Wl7s Written & Directed by Neil Marshall 2002/ UK/ 105 mins ★★★★ Werewolves quite often get the backend of the horror genre, finding themselves with a spurt of genre-defining classics and John Landis specialities and then relegated to the schlock franchises, spin-offs, and adaptations. A transgression of bullish masculinity and reversion into animalistic nature, when handled with a snarl and … Continue reading Dog Soldiers – Remastered Review

Saint Maud – Edinburgh Filmhouse

https://youtu.be/EXs2-TY9qok Directed & Written by Rose Glass UK / 2019 / 84mins ★★★★ In a sold-out event for Edinburgh’s Filmhouse, horror seems to be the genre encouraging people back into the world of cinema. Rose Glass’ psychological thriller (a debut piece nonetheless) Saint Maud plummets the audience into the morose and obsessive mindscape of a young, seemingly good-natured … Continue reading Saint Maud – Edinburgh Filmhouse

Get Duked! – Amazon Prime

https://youtu.be/si5C-3F9Pw4 Written & Directed by Ninian Doff  UK / 2019 / 87 mins ★★★ Not much happens in the Highlands, right? An endless majesty of woodland, glens and hills, the Scottish Highlands are home to scatterings of locals, farmers, wildlife, and a few unfortunate kids who have been roped into The Duke of Edinburgh Award. … Continue reading Get Duked! – Amazon Prime