Gash Theatre Gets Ghosts – Camden People’s Theatre Created by Maddie Flint and Nathalie Ellis-Einhorn ★★★ In 2017 Merriam-Webster and the Oxford Dictionary updated the term ‘ghosting’ beyond the previous association with static television. The act of silencing communications with a personal relationship, to ghost someone, has become synonymous with quick hook-ups and avoidance of social responsibilities. But there’s something more meticulously … Continue reading Gash Theatre Gets Ghosts – Camden People’s Theatre

SceneToSeen – Permanent Scar

Written by Rachel Flynn Directed & Edited by Ryan Alexander Dewar ★★★★ How far would you go for love? Not just any run of the mill kind of crush, but a genuine connection with someone. Would you wait? Would you be their shoulder to cry on? Or would you allow this ‘love’ to taint, decay … Continue reading SceneToSeen – Permanent Scar

Locker Room Talk @ Traverse Theatre

Writer: Gary McNair Director: Orla O’Loughlin Post Show facilitator: Dr Holly Davis There are few things more powerful than a word, spoken or otherwise. The championed word shouted on the streets and in the press can have the widest impact both for resistance and oppression. The most dangerous word is the one they didn’t want … Continue reading Locker Room Talk @ Traverse Theatre