Loud Poets – Scottish Storytelling Centre

★★★★ Digital theatre has presented itself as a suitable alternative to the in-person performance. Streaming cinema has long been an acceptable option. But there’s something about live spoken word: a distinctiveness that digital shows haven’t quite been able to capture. Perhaps it’s down to misery loving company? Thankfully, in-person spoken word is back. Edinburgh-based collective … Continue reading Loud Poets – Scottish Storytelling Centre

The Laird Strikes Back – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Written by Donald Smith ★★★ The relationship between Scotland and Number 10 is, well, you know. No matter where audiences’ land on the Independence argument, the historical union has had its advantages, disadvantages and tremendous shortfalls. And the position of an advisor to the Prime Minister is an honour, apparently, and by no means an … Continue reading The Laird Strikes Back – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Aaron and Julia – The Space

Written by Oliver Myers Directed by Amelia Hursey ★★ For a time, the Welsh town of Caerleon – or Isca as it was previously known, was on the lips of countless Roman-Britons as a vitally significant military fortress. Now a scenic, charming area of the nation, the history has never been truly erased, but it … Continue reading Aaron and Julia – The Space

The County – Review

https://youtu.be/6xalJXBc82s Directed & Written by Grímur Hákonarson Iceland/2019/91mins ★★★★ There’s no question about the economic abuse farmers, particularly dairy, suffer from monopolistic business practises and superstores with market control. Already a colossal issue in the economies of the United States and western Europe, for smaller nations with significantly lower populations the starving tactics employed against … Continue reading The County – Review

Jennie Lee: Tomorrow is a New Day – Rehearsed Reading

Written by Matthew Knights Directed by Emma Lynne Harley ★★★ Fife’s best-kept secret, and no it isn’t The Secret Bunker - from Lochgelly to Lords (House of), Jennie Lee was a working-class girl from Fife, best known for working her way through the Labour party into becoming the first Minister for the Arts, and eventual … Continue reading Jennie Lee: Tomorrow is a New Day – Rehearsed Reading