Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster – BBC Iplayer Written and Created by Conrad Murray, David Cumming and German Marvel Directed by Geej Ower ★★★★ However one feels about The Modern Prometheus or Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s creation defied the social paradigms of the time. A young woman, already surrounded by male peers, Shelley helped lay the foundations of Western science fiction and a mythos which would … Continue reading Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster – BBC Iplayer

Scottish People Can’t Rap?! – Preview

Sounds ridiculous, right? Scottish people, rapping. No, seriously. And not only is it accurate, but Scottish hip-hop is an exceptionally underestimated blending of nuanced storytelling, cultural portals and progression of lyric, rhythm and rhyme – and now, with the arts embracing the digital medium, Scottish People Can't Rap?! takes things to a new, virtual level. To change … Continue reading Scottish People Can’t Rap?! – Preview