Falstaff – Edinburgh International Festival

Conducted by Stuart Stratford Libretto by Giuseppe Verdi ★★★★ Giuseppe Verdi’s final opera Falstaff emphasises the comedic aspects of the mistaken identities, love triangles and caddish rogues who litter history. Adapted from Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor, the opera follows Sir John Falstaff, as plump as he is lustful, as he attempts to keep his dwindling reputation as a … Continue reading Falstaff – Edinburgh International Festival

Macbeth – Belfast International Arts Festival

https://youtu.be/H1MTF-i3WIE Written by William Shakespeare Adapted and Directed by Zoë Seaton ★★★ Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, and hereafter King; the story of Macbeth is one ingrained in the minds of schoolchildren across the nation. Encouraged by the infamous three witches of old, the battle-worn Macbeth is tempted into committing heinous acts to further his ends … Continue reading Macbeth – Belfast International Arts Festival

Marlowe’s Ghost: Tales from the Golen Age

Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter Adapted from The Dead Shepherd by Robert Pope and Ian Dixon Potter ★★★ Thus far, largely comprising a focus of the present and future, Ian Dixon Potter’s Tales From The Golden Age looks at the impacts of fascism, resentment and bigotry. Now harkening into the past to contemplate the mysteries surrounding William … Continue reading Marlowe’s Ghost: Tales from the Golen Age

Twelfth Night: Live! – Maltings Theatre

Written by William Shakespeare Directed by Adam Nichols ★★★ Suffering from a little cabin fever? Well, how about escaping aboard the SS Illyria with a G&T in hand and scandal unfolding directly from your lounge? This is precisely what The Maltings Theatre is promising with their abridged, musically interactive version of Shakespeare’s classic romantic comedy Twelfth … Continue reading Twelfth Night: Live! – Maltings Theatre

The Merry Wives of Windsor – The Globe Theatre

https://youtu.be/sq7UwUtfCTY Written by William Shakespeare Directed by Elle While ★★★ The bard’s only comedy set in England The Merry Wives of Windsor serves to demonstrate the futility in revenge, jealousy, and shares in delight for sarcasm, farcical humour, and a scandal. Falstaff, the same but considerably different Falstaff of Henry IV fame now finds himself lusting for Margaret Page … Continue reading The Merry Wives of Windsor – The Globe Theatre