Ice Poison – Taiwanese Film Festival Written & Directed by Midi Z Taiwan / 2014 / 95 mins ★★ Burmese director Midi Z latest film is a socially conscious remark on the two options facing the poor – both of which risk your life. One is to risk breaking your body with labour, amidst endless hours working for a pittance. The other … Continue reading Ice Poison – Taiwanese Film Festival

Sleep – Fantasia Film Festival Written by Thomas Friedrich & Michael Venus  Directed by Michael Venus Germany/ 2019/ 102 mins ★★★★ The answers in Sleep seemingly lie in a peculiar hotel, cast deep into the woodlands of a remote village. The residents have checked-out, and the staff are as unhinged as the dreams which haunt Mona’s (Gro Swantje Kohlhof) nights, following her … Continue reading Sleep – Fantasia Film Festival

The Bride Who Returned from Hell – Taiwan Film Festival Written by Yuan-Fu Chang Directed by Chi Hsin Taiwan / 1965 / 117 mins ★★★ Recently, the Ministry for Culture in Taiwan chose to preserve to The Bride Who Returned from Hell for its historical significance to the nation. Based on the 35mm cut, complete with grainy film cells and light strains, this revitalised look at … Continue reading The Bride Who Returned from Hell – Taiwan Film Festival

My Punch-Drunk Boxer – Fantasia Film Festival Directed by Hyuk Ki Jung South Korea/ 2019/ 114 mins ★★★★ Aphrase we’ve all heard and potentially used ourselves, Punch Drunk is the more common term for the medical condition Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a neurodegenerative disease which causes irreparable damage, often as the result of repeated head trauma: a grave concern for boxers. Allowing … Continue reading My Punch-Drunk Boxer – Fantasia Film Festival

Get Duked! – Amazon Prime Written & Directed by Ninian Doff  UK / 2019 / 87 mins ★★★ Not much happens in the Highlands, right? An endless majesty of woodland, glens and hills, the Scottish Highlands are home to scatterings of locals, farmers, wildlife, and a few unfortunate kids who have been roped into The Duke of Edinburgh Award. … Continue reading Get Duked! – Amazon Prime