The Beast – Golden Age Theatre

Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter ★★★ Climbing the social, political and career ladder is a bugger for all, though there are those men who seem to be ‘pre-destined’ for success. Is it down to their genetics, connections, or could there be something in their raw, animalistic attitudes towards women, other men, and life … Continue reading The Beast – Golden Age Theatre

Macbeth – Belfast International Arts Festival Written by William Shakespeare Adapted and Directed by Zoë Seaton ★★★ Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, and hereafter King; the story of Macbeth is one ingrained in the minds of schoolchildren across the nation. Encouraged by the infamous three witches of old, the battle-worn Macbeth is tempted into committing heinous acts to further his ends … Continue reading Macbeth – Belfast International Arts Festival

White Noise – Powerhouse Theatre Written by Mo Gearing Directed by Mo Gearing & Danielle J Gearing ★★★ A lonely politician turns to the one solace he can find in a world locked away from physical interaction, to the company of one whose employment which predates, and will likely outlive all of his ilk – sex work. PoshBoy123, a … Continue reading White Noise – Powerhouse Theatre

Misbehaviour – Edinburgh Filmhouse Directed by Phillipa Lowthorpe Written by Rebecca Frayn & Gaby Chiappe ‘Beauty with a Purpose,’ was the slogan for the longest-running beauty pageant, Miss World; one which didn’t come into effect until around 30 years after the contest’s conception. This saw the addition of intelligence and personality ‘points’ to deter from the previous, purely … Continue reading Misbehaviour – Edinburgh Filmhouse