Boy’s Khaya – The Studio Artistic direction and choreography by Bawren Tavaziva ★★★★ How do you explain slavery to a child? Compile histories’ abhorrent make-up of colonialism and the repugnancy of its continuation today into a sane sentence. Boy’s Khaya (meaning Servant’s House) has humble origins as the young man who once stepped out from behind their white master’s house … Continue reading Boy’s Khaya – The Studio

Cirque Berserk – Festival Theatre

Creative Direction by Julius Green What’s a circus without a tent, but maintains all the wonderous surprises we would find within? Why a Berserkus of course! That’s precisely what Cirque Berserk aims to achieve with their touring production. An amalgamation of more than thirty circus stunts honed within the big tops of the world and melding them … Continue reading Cirque Berserk – Festival Theatre

Balletboyz Deluxe – Festival Theatre

Bradley 4:18 Choreography by Maxine Doyle Ripples Choreography by Xie Xin Returning to Edinburgh after a successful run at the Festival Fringe, BalletBoyz performs their current Deluxe tour, which sees two productions back-to-back. Aiming to demonstrate the all-male troupe’s ability, Deluxe introduces audiences to two different shows from considerably esteemed choreographers.  Sacrificing their traditional essence of grace, with an image more … Continue reading Balletboyz Deluxe – Festival Theatre

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie – Festival Theatre

Written by Dan Gillespie Sells & Tom Macrae From the Original Idea by Jonathan Butterall Directed by Matt Ryan Billing itself as a musical for today, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie lives up to its proclamations, centring its narrative on an authentic bedrock of diversity, inclusivity and fabulousness. And yet, while this certainly is the future of musical … Continue reading Everybody’s Talking About Jamie – Festival Theatre

I Think We Are Alone – King’s Theatre

Written by Sally Abbott Co-directed by Kathy Burke & Scott Graham Six people, with everything, yet nothing in common, skirt on the edges of one another's lives - some of them perfect strangers, the occasional taxi ride all they may share. Others are family members – sisters who haven’t spoken in years. I Think We Are … Continue reading I Think We Are Alone – King’s Theatre