Still – Traverse Theatre

Written by Frances Poet Directed by Gareth Nicholls ★★★★ Pain is a difficult thing to communicate. It manifests in a myriad of intricate and contorting ways – emotional, mental and physical.  Still is Frances Poet's effort to capture varying experiences of it. Gaynor, a housebound mother confined by chronic pain, is awaiting the birth of her … Continue reading Still – Traverse Theatre

Medicine – Edinburgh International Festival

Written & Directed by Enda Walsh Produced by Landmark Productions and Galway International Arts Festival ★★★★★ What's your Medicine? In dissecting the social responses to mental health concerns, Enda Walsh's new production launches the Theatre portion of the 2021 Edinburgh International Festival. And at first, it seems as though we’re disturbing a party – or at … Continue reading Medicine – Edinburgh International Festival

MOVE – Traverse Theatre, Silverknowes Beach

Written & Directed by Julia Taudevin ★★★★ Finding ourselves in the position of uprooting our most valuable treasures, our families, and moving them across the treacherous darkness of the oceans is a concept many of us will never fully grasp and mercifully never experience. This inaugural show from Disaster Plan, a new company from writer and … Continue reading MOVE – Traverse Theatre, Silverknowes Beach

Breakfast Plays: Matterhorn – Traverse Festival

Written by Amy Rhianne Milton ★★★ With the promise of a sensational work of otherworldly fantasy, Amy Rhianne Milton’s piece for the Traverse Festival’s Breakfast Plays may set itself on the outer reaches of reality, but at its centre is a deeply pertinent story. On the outskirts of time, as reality crumbles, a cathedral sits as humanity’s final bastion. A … Continue reading Breakfast Plays: Matterhorn – Traverse Festival

White – Traverse Theatre

Creator: Andy Manley Director: Gill Robertson Profoundly simplistic, though magnanimous in spiritual creativity, White may label itself as a show for the youngest theatregoers, but its aesthetics, humour and sharp imagery are of a timeless piece. Pitching itself towards the younger crowd, but refraining from simplicity, cooing or pander. Its narrative follows Cotton and Wrinkle, two chaps … Continue reading White – Traverse Theatre