The Kingmaker – Edinburgh Filmhouse Written & Directed by Lauren Greenfield Lies have found their place as currency in politics, haven’t they? Well, it’s certainly no different than the past. The only difference lies in the medium in which propaganda is broadcast. One woman who appreciates the value of an image, claiming to have solved the Cold War within … Continue reading The Kingmaker – Edinburgh Filmhouse

Forget Me Not – Royal Lyceum Theatre

Piano & Conduction by Barrie Kosky Performed by Komische Oper Berlin  When it comes to Yiddish culture, it’s true what they say – they made Hollywood. They built Broadway. There is not a composer or lyricist creating today in Western culture who was not, indirectly or otherwise, influenced in some way by Yiddish musicians, singers … Continue reading Forget Me Not – Royal Lyceum Theatre

The King – Edinburgh Filmhouse Written by David Michôd and Joel Edgerton Directed by David Michôd David Michôd‘s Henriad drama, The King, comprises three works of the bard, taking Shakespeare’s Henry IV (parts 1 and 2) and Henry V and forming them into a composite piece of historical drama. The drunkard, layabout son of King Henry IV, Hal finds himself under the pressure of ascending the throne, progressing from … Continue reading The King – Edinburgh Filmhouse

Monstrus Circus

Directed by Jordan Inconstant France / 2019 / 29 mins What makes a monster, and what makes the man? This is an ancient artistic trope which finds itself in a variety of art, literature and media, perhaps nowhere quite like the circus. Winner of five Gold Movie Awards, Monstrus Circus takes this trope and brings it to the Highlands … Continue reading Monstrus Circus

Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love Directed by Nick Broomfield USA/ 2019/ 102 mins Calliope, Dora Maar, Patti Smith, Gala Dalí and yes, Rhianna all share one thing in common. To one person or a number, they are Muses; inspirational figures who evoke artistic passion into (largely male) writers, painters, sculptors and astronomers. Nick Broomfield’s documentary Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love superficially excavates a 50-year relationship between … Continue reading Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love